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  Domain Names Web Hosting Services And Enterprises Solution

Yomama offers World Class Domain Registration & Web Hosting products. Leveraging years of expertise and cutting-edge technology, Yomama offers a comprehensive suite of Domain Name and Web Hosting services such as Domain Name Registration, Email hosting, VPS hosting and more. In addition, to helping customers make the most of the web, Yomama also offers various value-added services such as WHOIS lookup, DNS management & Premium Domain sales.

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  World’s First Automatic Search Engine Indexer
  • Automatically Indexes Your Website on 1st & 2nd Page of Google within 90 days of Integration with almost every keyword searched related to your product or service.
  • Most Responsive & Fast Medium for Listing your Website on Search Engines.
  • Highly Effective even for Static HTML based Websites with Limited Structure
  • Developed on ACEIND Matrix Algorithm, Identical to Algorithm Major Search engines uses.
  • Highly Effective and Best Success ratio, even for Broad Category Keywords.
  • Faster than any other manual SEO effort. Comes with a Money Back Policy

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  CartEmSoft is an Batch Email Sending Utility, which delivers Continuous Batch Emails, landing to the inbox.
  • CartEmSoft is the first tool of its kind which offers Auto Flyer Creation along with best Inbox Landing ratio.
  • Best in Class for Batch Email Promotions.
  • Send mails to unlimited email accounts over a period of time. No per Email Account or Per Campaign Limitations.
  • Easy Contacts list management & One Click Unsubscribe.
  • Send almost any type of Emails: Text, HTML, Attachment based, URL, and PDF product based like Amazon or eBay mailers.
  • Robust Reporting Tool.
  • Anti Spam, confirming with CAN Spam and RFC Compliance.
  • Most Cost Effective & Economical.
  • Deployed on your own Domain with dedicated Ipv4 Ip address, which means better reputation and better control.

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  Pay Per Day Google Ad words Campaign.

PPD is a super version of PPC campaigns, where in visibility on Google is offered on Per Day basis instead of Per Click Basis which is hard to manage and control costs.

PPD is cost effective, requires no management, 18 to 24 hours visibility Guaranteed.

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